When Kiwis Fly

A Sports Tour of Great Britain
When Kiwis Fly is the sports fans guide to Great Britain. Right across the land, there are inspiring stories of New Zealand sports people succeeding.

Did you know New Zealand born John Selwyn rowed in the University Boat Race on the River Thames in 1864 and 1866? New Zealanders have been coming to Great Britain and competing for almost 150 years!

Right across the UK there are great historic sporting venues, that New Zealand sports fans grew up watching on TV.

Some of these sporting venues are crucial to the development of their game. The world's best tennis players consider it an honour to play at Wimbledon, Lord's is the home of cricket and they have been playing golf at St Andrews for over 500 years.

London is the only city to have hosted the Olympics three times. New Zealanders competed in 1908, 1948 and of course 2012.

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Many of the great Olympic venues from past and present are profiled in the book.

You will find profiles of many of the great British football grounds.  

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