When Kiwis Fly

A Sports Tour of Great Britain
When Kiwis Fly

When Kiwis Fly: A Sports Tour of Great Britain is the first book to shine a spotlight on 140 leading sports venues and profile the New Zealanders who have succeeded there.
When Kiwis Fly tells the stories of dreams, hopes, disappointment and redemption. It is the story of New Zealand growing up as a nation in the sporting venues of Britain.
When Kiwis Fly covers traditional sporting venues such as Lord’s, Old Trafford and Wimbledon and some venues which many readers will not recognise - Pedestrianism at the Royal Agricultural Hall in the 1880s, Stone Skimming in Scotland and the west London concert venue where the Kray brothers boxed.
Sporting stadia are intrinsically linked to the culture, fabric and history of the UK. Golfers have been playing at St Andrews for over 500 years – 300 years before New Zealand made it onto the map! From the whispering to the ear-splitting, the rickety to the state-of-the-art, every venue has its own eccentricities, charms and quirks.

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When Kiwis Fly
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